Be cheerful, enjoy your life

If you're on social media, no doubt you would have seen plenty of memes with inspiring quotes put over the top of gorgeous imagery?  

Despite Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. being relatively new, this concept most definitely isn't...!!

In Turkey they have uncovered a mosaic that goes back to the 3rd Century BC.  It was found in where they believe was the dining room of a house in the southern Hatay province.

According to archaeologist Demet Kara at the Hatay Archeology Museum the mosaic is from the ancient Greek-Roman city of Antioch and is over 2,400 years old.

The best thing about it though?

Even back then people were creating memes...

The mosaic shows a skeleton lying down holding wine and bread with an inscription saying 'be cheerful, enjoy your life'.

Not a bad tagline, don't you think?  

We have to say, we totally agree!  Don't waste your time, be cheerful and make the most of your life.  

So whether you have always wanted to learn another language, master a new cuisine or step out of your comfort zone, don't waste another second.

Experience the life this skeleton wants you to!