Football Fever


You may or may not have heard about a little football tournament happening in Brazil right about now? In case you've missed out on the news then I'll give you a brief run down:

Every four years the great, the good (and England sometimes) meet up somewhere around the world and embark upon a month long festival of football with the eventual winners being crowned World Champions, with Spain being the current holders.

No European team has ever won the trophy in South America but, with a bit of luck, that may be about to change and the longer this remains a possibility, then the better it can be for you as well...

Among those European teams fighting for the World Cup are France, Italy, Spain and Croatia. As long as these countries are still in the tournament, then ANY experiences that take part in these countries will have a special 10% discount as long as it is booked whilst they are still in!

Caring about the football just got that little bit easier, didn't it?

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