Interview with our Michelin Star Chef

One of our favourite experiences is the Michelin Star Cooking Experience on the Amalfi Coast.  After all. what's not to like?  

A beautiful location, La Dolce Vita, great wine, fresh and fantastic food....and this is without mentioning you get taught the secrets of Italian cooking by a Michelin Star rated chef!

Chef Giuseppe took some time out of his busy schedule of sharing his cooking secrets with everyone to tell us a bit more about himself:

Where did your passion for cooking come from?     

My passion for cooking came from my family and especially my grandmother... When I was a child my grandmother was cooking everyday and was so good that me and my friends were always was going over to her house to eat.. It's from my grandmother I learnt all the traditional cooking tricks that I now pass on.

What is your main inspiration for your cooking?

My inspiration of cooking is the sea that I look out to every morning when I open my window and my childhood memories of playing around the Amalfi Coast.

Why is Italian food/foodie culture the best?

Because it is based on fresh produce cooked in a very simple way without using too many condiments... The produce is the real star of Italian cooking!

What makes the Amalfi Coast a great foodie region?

The air, the sea and the mountains all together create a perfect environment for the best and freshest produce while also serving as inspiration when you're cooking.

What has been your most memorable foodie moment?

My memorable moment was in 2012 when I was working in a renowned one Michelin Star restaurant on Capri Island.  I was the second in charge and had an incredible and unforgettable experience.

What’s the difference between a Michelin Star kitchen and a normal one?

The different is the quality of produce, the way we prepare the food and the service.

In a Michelin Star restaurant we use fresh, top quality ingredients - usually organic - and research everything. We treat them very carefully and we spend many hours preparing them.  Then, when served, we put in all our experience, passion and creative energy to make a complete and perfect dish.

Your favourite meal and foodie memory?

My favourite meal is my fish soup...I created it when I travelled around the world and from that moment I take this special  dish everywhere I go!

Come join Chef Giuseppe in this beautiful part of Italy on our Amalfi Coast Michelin Star Cooking Experience!

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