Learn French in Paris during the European Championships

Every four years the UEFA European Championships comes around where the best football nations on the continent come together to see who will be crowned kings of Europe.

One of the best things about the tournament is how it moves from country to country so football fans can experience a different country and culture.  This year, the European football world descends upon France!!!

It all starts in Paris on the 10th June, finishing with the final in Paris on the 10th July!

In honour of the beautiful game, we have a special offer for all the Francophiles...

We at Ever Thought of Trying believe that being in a country when certain cultural events or one off events like the Euro's are happening is too good an opportunity to miss.  We can't think of anything better than being at the heartbeat of this country while the tournament goes on!

To make this even better, if you book our Learn French in Paris experience to travel during June or July when the Euro's are on, we will give you 11% off the cost!! (11 players on the pitch...)

Not only will you learn French in the City of Lights on this immersive learning experience, you will also be smack in the middle of the soul of the city and tournament!

So, are you still looking for that summer getaway...

Get in touch if you're interested!!!

Allez allez!!!!