Our first London Beercycling ride of 2016!

And so it begins again....!!!

Craft beer, breweries & bike lanes are calling us for another summer!!

Last Saturday we had the privilege of taking a cool bunch of cyclists to some of London's best breweries where we got to go behind the scenes and see what makes breweries tick.  

We started off meeting up at the Copper Box in Stratford before cycling up the canal to Tottenham for our first stop at One Mile End.

This is one of our favourite breweries and one we've visited since our very first ride.  This time was a bit different though as we headed to their new and bigger brewery in Tottenham rather than their original brewing space in Whitechapel (which we ended up in at the end). And how good it is to see them grow!

It may be a new brewing site, but you'll be glad to know their beer is just as fantastic as always!

After this we headed back down the canal to our next stop in Howling Hops, right in the heart of Hackney Wick. 

This is the UK's first dedicated tank bar with others now following their template.  But we are here mainly for their beer and their stout in particular went down a treat!

From Howling Hops we had a beautiful ride through Victoria Park where we were blessed with sum (finally!!) before heading to our last stop in Whitechapel.

Here we ended at the original One Mile End brewery space at the White Hart where we tasted more of their brews before saying our goodbyes.

Until next time beer cyclists!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Beercycling date which will be announced soon....!!!