Our Own Tour de France!! (Through Normandy at least...)

Last week Chris Froome won the 102nd edition of the Tour de France (and his second Yellow Yersey).  He rode 3,360.3 km across 21 days to bring the maillot jaune back to the UK.

Just before the whole peloton got to Paris, we had our own Tour de France cycling not from Utrecht to Paris, but from London to Paris... Okay, so a Tour de France might be pushing the description, but I had to get a segway in somehow :)

Le Tour originated to shine a spotlight on the country and watching the tour on telly, seeing the landscape is one of the highlights.  From the alps, to the villages to the chateau's, France does have it all.  Thankfully, on our own ride, we also saw some of the best that France has to offer.

The first step was from London to Portsmouth - the South Downs have plenty of hills if you're that way inclined (Getddit?!?)!!  Luckily the landscape was so beautiful it took our minds away from thinking about our screaming legs in some places!

No rest for the wicked tonight, as we spent it on the ferry going to Caen after which we rode down through Normandy to Evreux.  Again, beautiful scenery, war memorials and some of the best fruit we've ever had from one of the MANY roadside foodie stalls we rode past! 

By far, the most exciting part was having our own Stage 21 moment, the ride to Paris!!  Knowing that at the end of the ride you'll be under the Eiffel Tower spurred us on and we even had the chance to ride the Champs Elysees like Mark Cavendish (albeit a million times slower & with a million more cars....!!)

The villages we passed through were fantastic and quaint - the perfect French mix!

Have you ever cycled through a country?

What was your favourite thing about it?

We definitely felt on this trip that by passing through on two wheels we got to experience a different side of France and see things that we would never have seen before.  From the villages to fruit stalls!

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