Sounds of Wanderlust

Sounds to inspire your wanderlust

There is something magical and transformative about music.  It transcends human beings and has an affect on all living things.  The simple sound of an instrument can send you back in time to when you were in that piazza listening to that live band, that long drive along the coast or when you laughed so hard in the bar with a certain song providing the soundtrack. 

The first few chords, bars or lyrics can instantly transform your mood.

Music is a great bonding tool for when you meet people travelling (surely up there with ‘what is your favourite film/book/meal’ as a social tool).  Surely we have all had that moment where you meet someone who has the same favourite song as you?

As well as a social bonding tool, music allows you to escape the world when you simply plug in your headphones.  The sounds while you close your eyes or look out the window can help you forget your bus toilet is broken, you’re a bit hungry and thirsty and that person in your room or sitting next to you is ‘that’ person…

Music can cure your rare moments of homesickness like a comfort blanket through the soul of sound and is most likely to provide the soundtrack to what may just be the best experience of your life.

With this in mind, we’re kicking off 2016 with a new Soundcloud playlist which we will be adding to throughout the year to help not only inspire your wanderlust, but also to help you remember your previous travels too.

Mixed with oldies and goodies, follow the playlist and let your mind wander to experiences gone and travel experiences to come!

If you have any song that you would like featured, let us know and tell us the story behind it :) 


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