Tips From Strangers You Meet Travelling

Travellers seem to have random moments both in their everyday life and, of course, when they are travelling.  This seems to be part of their character.  Don't you agree?

When you are travelling though, things can tend to take a more intense turn and every little thing and every experience can be more rewarding than if it just happened on your work commute.  

One great example is talking to strangers you meet on the street.  We're not talking about after having 5 pints and a few shots and you stumble out into the street to the next bar, but actually stopping and talking to strangers...on the street...during the day time!  This is an accepted practice when you're travelling with both the cloak of anonymity and the apparent 'kudos' of a traveller - and it can lead to some fantastic experiences and meeting of minds.

We recently had such an experience on our last trip!

Just walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh we ran into a French-Scottish man with two cameras round his neck and in his pocket.  One of these cameras was even a cool retro 1970's polaroid!  In total, his two cameras cost about £4,000....

After a chat (and picture!) about his polaroid he started talking more about his style of shots and getting the best everyday life pictures. He went through his pictures and they were breathtaking.  While you need an eye like he did for a shot, he imparted us with one keep technique that can instantly make your pictures better:

Get low and go black and white

While this may seem like a weird bit of advice, it absolutely works! By getting low to get the angle and turning your photo's black and white, you make every shot EPIC!

Don't believe us:

While these are some pretty innocuous shots, they are turned into something more 'arty' by getting low and going black and white!

Check out this guys feed on instagram here - sensational!  He mostly keeps his pictures private for his family and friends but we're sure you agree, what he does share is on another level.

If travel is an inspiration, then this guy is our photography guru.

What have been your best experiences with strangers you meet while travelling?  Any tips you picked up from them?

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