What to do at the Christmas Markets

If you've been to Europe in December, no doubt you have experienced the magic of the Christmas markets - or the Christkindlesmarkt, to give its original German name!

In this blog, we're going to point out a few things to look out for at these traditional markets.

Drink ALL the hot drinks

Thought it was just mulled wine (Glühwein) that is available?  

That really is just the tip of the (warm) iceberg!! There are more things 'mulled' than you can shake a cinnamon stick at! From Hot Toddy's (hot whisky with water, honey, herbs & spices) or Mulled Cider (heated cider with sugar and spices) to the non-alcoholic hot chocolate (with plenty of whipped cream - it's Christmas after all!) 

They're the perfect drinks for having while walking around the cold cold cold markets of Europe!

When you're in Central Europe - especially Germany and Austria where the Christmas markets are AMAZING - you often pay a deposit of a few Euro's for a great decorative Christkindlesmarkt mug....so you can either return them to the stall when you're finished, or keep them!  These make great presents or souvenirs as every year is different and is a true one-off present from the city!

A few mugs we've collected over the years from Christmas markets


Everywhere you go, the same gorgeous Christmassy smell will follow....for nothing says Christmas like the smell of cinnamon!

You can't escape it, and neither should you want to!  You can get cinnamon sugar coated nuts, but these are more of a Winter snack rather than a special Christmas one.  For a true festive cinnamon snack, look no further than the whirling beauty of trdelník!!  This fragrant whirl of scrumptiousness is a hot cinnamon & sugar spiral of pastry dough that is wrapped around a stick and put on a hot coals, or what looks like a spit roast!!  It tastes as good as it smells!!

Gingerbread heart biscuits

These aren't just for Oktoberfest!! 

Along with cinnamon, ginger is probably the spice that most conjures up the Christmas spirit and these gingerbread heart biscuits are the perfect accompaniment with a beer when you're at the Christmas markets.  Just like at Oktoberfest (and every beer hall) the hearts have ribbons to hang around your neck and have cute messages on them. 


There will be lots & lots & lots of grilled bratwurst/sausages at these markets.  Of differing quality as well it must be said....look for the stalls with the queues as that's usually a good sign!  From the standard German Bratwurst, there are also forty different regional variations - that's a lot of sausage.

Our favourite?  It has to be the Austrian Käsekrainer - a smoked sausage stuffed with cheese!!!!

Along with all these things to eat and drink, there's ice skating, fun games, prizes, rides & plenty more to keep you entertained at the Christmas markets across Europe 😀

Just remember to wrap up warm!!!

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