Wine Marathon


Imagine running a marathon. All 26 miles and 385 yards. You would probably want a drink every mile or so wouldn't you? How about swapping the water for glass of wine? This is what would happen if you joined Le Marathon du Medoc near Bordeaux!

Every September, on this unique marathon runners ease their pain by scoffing gourmet food and wine on the way to the finish line

Runners dress up in compulsory fancy dress outfits and are given 6-and-a-half hours to run the 26-mile (42.2km) circuit. Along the way they can tuck into a banquet of French delicacies from oysters to ice cream, washed down with glasses of fine wine whilst stopping off at beautiful chateau's! Combining wine, sports, fun and health, this has to be the best marathon in the world.

Runners are genuinely expected to indulge in glasses of the famed vintages en route, while also stuffing themselves with local specialities such as oysters, foie gras, cheese, steak and ice-cream. Brilliant.

When the hardest part of the marathon is to run in a straight line, you know that it's going to be a great experience! If you're hungover at the start of the marathon, that's fine as you will probably attend one of the event’s pasta parties the previous evening: a glorious mix of wine, carbohydrates and merriment! Just don't forget you're actually running the next day when you wake up...!

Watching a group of runner polishing off a bottle of wine before running (at 9:30am) won't be an uncommon sight. Veterans of the marathon advise you to try to pace yourself to finish as close to the six-hour-30-minutes time limit as possible to take full advantage of the produce on offer...For this marathon the longer you are, the better! There are many local bands stationed along the route as they are fully aware of what happens to every self-respecting non-dancer after a few drinks...

When you finish, you are presented with a medal (so far, so standard), and also a goody bag containing a souvenir bottle of wine and engraved red wine glasses. That beats the cereal bars and tin foil wraps you get in every other marathon!

Check out the official site here & sign up!

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