World Pasta Day

There's a day for everything, so should we be surprised that there's a day to celebrate pasta?!?

It all started in 1995 when 40 pasta experts (how do we become one?!?) came together to discuss the culinary importance of the dish!

This event struck a chord with everyone and it became an annual thing - renamed World Pasta Day Congress - that takes place on the 25th October every year!  In the world of social media, as I'm sure you can imagine, this event snowballed and the 2016 congress is in Moscow.

The idea is to raise awareness of healthy eating and maintaining a balanced diet - with pasta at its heart.  On top of this, the day is dedicated to eating, discussing and enjoying the delights of pasta!  

Pasta has been around since ancient Etruscan civilisations in the 4th century BC - and even perhaps before this (it was not brought back to Europe from China by Marco Polo as is sometimes believed in 1271).  There's even a tomb from this Etruscan era in Italy where there is a relief depicting the tools used to make pasta: a jug of water, a flour bag, a large board for mixing, a ladle, a rolling pin and a knife....the original foodies! 

Use this day as a way to expand your culinary skills & cook something different (with one of the 600 types of pasta shapes that are around - according to the International Pasta Organisation)

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