Would You Travel with Your Mum?


Yesterday was a busy day. Not only was it Mother's Day (for most of us) but it was also the Ides of March - when Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC at the Theatre of Pompey at a meeting of the Senate - along with the anniversary of the start of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution...as well as the day when St Patrick's Day was widely celebrated ahead of the actual day on the 17th!

We're going on a hunch and guessing that Mother's Day took up most of your weekend plans! Well, she is your mother and, as she has no doubt told all of you on many occasions, you only have one!!

We agree that mother's are special and should be loved, appreciated and spoilt everyday of the year, not just on the day that the card companies tell us to!! (not that we're being cynical...)

The build up did get us thinking though and there was one interesting question in the days leading up to Mother's Day that we thought of - would you travel with your mum?

We would happily go home to the parents, bring them out for meals, take them for drinks and go for walks, but a holiday with just the two of you...???

We had our thoughts, but we asked others on Twitter for their opinions and we had a couple of great responses:

@ThoughtOfTrying My mum, bless her, always worries about the places I #travel to; she's a bit overprotective :) #MothersDay#ttot

— Barefoot Backpacker (@RTWBarefoot) March 12, 2015

As soon as we read this from Barefoot Backpacker, there was only one thing that came to mind that I'm sure we all can relate to! The inevitable "yes mum of course i'm okay":

@RTWBarefoot and when u reply 'yes' mum's always say 'when u have kids you'll understand!' haha #MothersDay#travel

— EverThoughtOfTrying (@ThoughtOfTrying) March 12, 2015

Lost count the amount of times we've had this response!!!

Sophie couldn't have been clearer:

@ThoughtOfTrying I love travelling with my mum! ;) #MothersDay

— Sophie - Oohmyworld (@feeriaunique) March 12, 2015

From previous experience of travelling with my mum, we've always been the one that gets followed - sometimes blindly - love you mum ;) but not for Sophie:

@ThoughtOfTrying But I love to travel with my mum because she has read everything about the place before going there... A living guide book!

— Sophie - Oohmyworld (@feeriaunique) March 12, 2015

What do you think?

Would you travel with your mum? If you have, what have your experiences been like?

Like we said, it's always time to treat your mum and you don't have to wait for Mother's Day!

If you want to travel with your mum and experience things you love together, we have a few experiences that we think would be perfect!

Why not treat her with a holistic yoga retreat in the Portuguese hills? Beautifully placed and the perfect environment to catch up with each other outside of your no doubt busy day-to-day lives.

You have probably been influenced by your mum's food growing up, so why not experience and master new culinary skills together on one of our foodie experiences? Either join a cooking class or simply discover your new favourite meals on a foodie odyssey!

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