The Most Underrated Country in Europe

Not only one of our favourite countries in Europe, but a place we used to call home :)

Straddling the (non-existent) border between Central and Eastern Europe, Magyarország (as it is known) perfectly balances the different cultures that have descended on this land and called it home.  Across the country you will come across Ottoman, Huns, Slavic and Magyar influence in everything from the food, people, language and architecture.

Hungary boasts more than 1000 natural hot springs which gives the country it's famous spa culture. In Budapest many of these thermal baths date from, and feature architectural design from, the Roman, Greek and Turkish times

Hungary, and in particular the gorgeous capital city of Budapest, boasts the grandeur of the Habsburgs, the romance of the Ottoman times and the vibrant energy of a modern day post-communist evolving city.

With ancient natural hot spring baths from the 16th century, wine that has historically been produced for kings, ruin bars (kert bars - ruined and abandoned buildings turned into bars, pubs and markets) and beautiful art nouveau buildings that give the capital city the moniker - Paris of the East...what are you waiting for?

Hungarian Experiences

Tokaji & Budapest Wine Cycling

Explore Budapest & the Tokaji wine region to immerse in the beauty & culture while seeing & tasting the best wines in the country.