That certain Va-Va-Voom

There are many reasons why France is the most visited country in the world.

It’s the largest country in Western Europe and, with it’s variety of landscapes, has something for absolutely everyone. Whether you want to go surfing in the Bay of Biscay, snowboarding in the Alps, a gastronomic tour of the villages and vineyards or just visit Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the European Union, you can do it all. No wonder the Tour de France was invented to showcase the country’s beauty!

All this, and we haven’t even spoken about the major regions, cities and towns we all know of – Lyon, Bordeaux, Le Mans, Avignon, Nice, Biarritz and, of course, Paris (disclaimer – our favourite city in Western Europe 😀).

Widely renowned as having the world’s best cuisine (it’s more than just adding butter, more butter and wine) you can also treat yourself to the little treats such as macaroons and crêpes. After a few days eating your way around the different culinary delights, you will understand why this is the country that gave us the Michelin Stars.

“The Michelin Red Guide was first published in 1900 and distributed freely to simply boost the demand for cars, and therefore, tyres”

With a past that includes famous names like Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, Louis XIV/XV/XVI, Napoleon and can claim Marat, Victor Hugo and Sartre as notable literary contributors, the breadth of history and culture you can explore in this country is there for you to indulge.

The country itself invokes the revolutionary spirit of 1789 and you will leave you having that certain air of…Je ne sais quoi…

French Experiences