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Ever Thought of Trying?


Long Weekends

Maximise your adventure by using the minimum annual leave. Proper weekend adventures that packs in the best culture, food & activities.

Accessible adventures for those with little time but an appetite for immersive travel.


Food & Drink

One of the pleasures of travelling is tasting all the local food & drink! It’s one of the reasons we decide to go anywhere & we imagine you’re the same!

Join our foodie experiences in Europe & immerse in the area while mastering the local cuisine!



How many times have you thought to yourself – I wish I knew French/Italian/Spanish etc.?  How many times have you promised youself you would master another language ‘one day’?

Fulfil your dreams and join one of our language courses in Europe while immersing in some of the greatest cities in the world!


Do or Relax

Whether you want an active experience in Europe - like climbing mountains on a bike or surfing the waves - or relaxing on a sailing boat or on a yoga retreat, we have you covered here at Ever Thought of Trying.


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Experience rather than visit

"So thrilled we found this program and highly recommend to anyone interested in having an adventure of a lifetime!" - Clare


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