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Get on your bike!

With Le Tour just around the corner, we're taking a closer look at cycling and we have an interview with Felix Lowe who is a successful cycling blogger for Eurosport and an author who's first book 'Climbs and Punishment' chronicles his time on the Ride Hannibal's Trail experience that was inspired by the Grand Tours of cycling

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Yoga for all

One of the common misconceptions surrounding yoga is that it is just for women. Try telling that to Ryan Giggs and numerous other professional athletes whose careers have benefited from practising this art (and in some cases extended their careers because of it). With the Tour de France just around the corner, it feels right to look at the benefits it has to cycling. Being hunched over the handlebars and peddling through your personal wall is a recipe ripe for causing injuries to your knees, backs, quads and hamstrings. Yoga strengthens and stretches these parts of your body as well as strengthening your core enabling you to go longer and further. Its focus on flexibility, finding the edge and staying balanced brings everything together and will help power you through your limits whilst on your bike.

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