The New Website


After many weeks and months of working on it, the new website has gone live!!!

It's been up for a couple of weeks now and we are aware of the few teething options that are still sometimes flagging up - namely the sharing thumbnail!

But, this is being worked on and will hopefully be fixed soon :)

We have broken down our experiences to three categories:

Food & Drink

This is where we keep our experiences that are based around two of our loves - food and drink!!  The best thing about travelling is getting to taste the local cuisine and drinks! Here you'll find all our foodie experiences from Michelin Starred Cooking Classes to foodie tours around Nice or Florence.  Drinks more your thing?  How about a wine sailing experience or beercycle?


How many times have you been to a foreign country and just wished you could understand what you're being asked, wished you could order that meal in the local lingo or be understand by that person you locked eyes with across the bar....??

'Speak' is where we keep our language immersion courses in Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Berlin.  Where would like to speak like a local?

Do or Relax

Those who are more into active things when travelling, this is the section for you!  From cycling across the Alps or Pyrenees and surf camps in the South of France to yoga retreats in the Portuguese hills.  Whether you're looking to push your physical limits, or improve your inner being - you'll find your European experience here.

We think breaking the categories into three main sections helps a lot and we of course have kept out destination drop down menu.

When you scroll, the top menu bar will stay up the top in red so you can easily navigate where you want to go from any page.  This is key to help you all find what you need quickly and easily.

One of the biggest changes we have made is to make the itineraries an individual stand alone button.  When you click on an experience you will see the button 'Full Itinerary & Details' at the top.  By clicking this, the itinerary and details open up in a new tab in a PDF format meaning you can easily print it to show your friends of family, save it as a document to send or share to everyone and you can have it open as a separate reference when you are looking through the website.

For now enjoy the website and we hope you love the navigation and layout as much as we do!